Personalized Employment Service

The Israemploy premium membership provides personalized, targeted employment assistance, focusing on those aspects of the search that are most critical to you.

As a non-profit, Israemploy can offer you this service at a much lower than market rate, without sacrificing the high service and content that our members require and deserve. 

Israemploy can and will empower you with the tools/knowledge necessary to make your search for a job in Israel as effective as possible.

Stage One

An experience professional employment advisor is assigned to you to guide you through the process.

Initial Meeting/Telephone Conversation

- The normal starting point is an analysis of your work, educational background, and how best to apply your skills to today’s job market.  For those that are professionals, in many cases it will mean continuing in their career path, while others will be well served by identifying transferable skills and then understanding how to apply them to specific jobs.

- Creating targeted CVs – Once you have created your set of job profiles, the next step is to create CVs that are designed to attract the employer’s interest in you personally for those roles.

- Next we concentrate on job search techniques, so that you can effectively identify as many appropriate opportunities as possible, and then distinguish yourself from the crowd.  A big part of this effort revolves around networking; we will help you learn how to network and oftentimes provide you with networking contacts in your jobs of interest.

Regular Telephone/E-Mail Continuity

- As interviews and job offers arrive, we remain in regular contact to assist with preparations and address any concerns which may arise.

- The only certainty about the job search process is that you can never know where it will lead nor how long it will take to get there. 

- Israemploy remains available to discuss new developments as they occur, and offer help whenever required.

Charna - Architect/Sociologist from Jerusalem wrote:

I’d like to highly recommend Israemploy’s premium service. As a very satisfied customer, I can attest to the fact that I received great value for my money. I believe that Israemploy’s service is one-of-a-kind in Israel.

From my first meeting with Ron through the many follow-up calls and e-mails, I felt that I had someone to help me who was professional and caring. From the analysis of my skills and experience, to the advice on how to write a CV (and where to get it translated into Hebrew for free!) that was not only suited to the Israeli workplace but to my own personal situation, his comments were helpful and on the mark.

What was especially appreciated was Ron’s advice and help on how to develop and use networking skills, so important for success in finding a job in Israel. He even compiled a list of contacts for me so I could get started. 

Most important of all, he gave me the confidence to get out there and start looking. Thanks to Ron and Israemploy, I have a new job, well suited to my skills and experience.

Daniel - Customer Support Person from Bat Yam wrote:

After spending hours and days searching through internet postings and sending out over 200 c.v.'s and not receiving any replies, I did not need to be kicked in the head to know that something was wrong. And at that very moment I was very fortunate to discover, and take a chance on Israemploy's premium service.

After just two discussions with my Israemploy adviser about my skills, and after various reviews of my c.v.'s we managed to develop a solid and profitable profession based on my qualifications and skills. And a clear direction more suitable to the local job market soon followed.

I am now happy to say that thanks to Israemploy, my c.v's received replies. I obtained interviews, I learned about local workplace customs and how to find local job openings.  And thinking back to the article I read before my aliya, I now understand what the author meant. However, I must humbly add to his advice, not only must one be aware how one can move his or her experience and qualifications outside of the box in order to accommodate the local job market, but one must also be prepared to accept experienced advise from those who have already adapted to the local market.

And there is no one who I can recommend other than Israemploys premium service. Take it from me this is an asset which cannot be overlooked, and in my opinion, one which should be made standard with every “sal klita.”

Nessa - Paralegal from Tel Aviv wrote:

I highly recommend Israemploy to everyone I meet!  Within a week of joining the Premium Service I had found my ideal job in Israel a task which everyone told me was impossible!!  I had a fantastic one-on-one service where I was advised on my resume, given contacts which I would not have made through anyone else and given advice on interview techniques and questions! 

This is the only website I recommend for English speaking job seekers.  It leaves all other agencies I have dealt with both in Ireland & UK with a lot to catch-up on!!!  Hats off to this agency!!  They deserve full marks for the service they provide - an agency in Israel that will make that difference in your life.

Jonny - IT Administrator from Bet Shemesh wrote: 

The premium subscription at Israemploy helped me to realize that not only should I be looking for System Admin jobs but also post-sale and technical training positions".

My employment advisor helped me to re-write my CV to cater to these markets as well

I also realized that I need to spend much more time networking which I have begun doing 

The networking has helped me to obtain new projects".

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