Cover Letters - Overview

Just as important as your CV/resume is a powerful well written cover letter.

You should always note the position you have applied for - especially in the subject line of an email application - where the body text of your email is in effect the cover letter.

The objective of the cover letter is to present a brief overview of you to the employer. By presenting your personal information in a coherent format in a cover letter, your objective is to convince the employer that your skills are valuable to the employer and that your CV/resume deserves attention.

Generally no more than 4 paragraphs are required.

1. Your education/skills/experience match the employers requirements
2. Highlight a very relevant achievement
3. You want the job!
4. What you want to happen - Ask for the interview!

Points to consider

  • Explain why you are sending a resume
  • Don't make a prospective employer assume what you are asking for; be specific
  • Are you considering a temporary opportunity, or a permanent position, possibly part or full time, or maybe you are just inquiring about future employment possibilities
  • You should explain how you learned about the job opportunity or the organization
  • Because the cover letter is seen first you need to convince the reader that your resume deserves their attention as well therefore, it must be extremely well written and targeted to that employer
  • Do not send standard cover letters personalize each one for each specific job application
  • Mention relevant aspects of your background such as skills knowledge and, experience
  • What should emerge from your cover letter are elements of your personality, motivation, enthusiasm, and communication skills
  • You can provide any information requested in a job advertisement/referral that might not specifically be covered in your CV
  • It is smart to indicate what you will do to follow-up your job application
  • They key factor is CLARITY and BREVITY.
  • You should never ever send a CV without an appropriate cover letter.

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