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Salaries, demand rise for high-tech workers

January 19, 2011. Globes: Yossi Nissan

Dialog Human Resources Consultants Ltd. says that salaries in high tech rose moderately in 2010, as did demand for workers in almost all sectors. Salaries have returned to their levels on the eve of the economic crisis of 2008, and even exceeded them in a few professions. Demand for new workers has not yet returned to its peak levels.

Dialog, which specializes in high tech, executive, financial, operational, and administrative placements, today sent "Globes" its analysis of salaries in high-tech sectors for 2010. The report covers salaries in hardware, software, quality control, information and infrastructure systems, Internet, finances, and marketing.

Dialog CEO Haia Borenstein said the recovery in the hardware sector was still slow, but the length of hiring procedures has shortened, and that the number of employees in the sector rose 18%. As far as salaries are concerned, companies are in no hurry to offer higher pay, and that salaries in the sector are among the lowest in the industry.

The software sector saw the greatest increase in jobs - up 45% early in 2010, 12% in the second half, and 163% more than at the height of the crisis. Demand is for both highly experienced workers and inexperienced graduates. Salary levels have not changed substantially.

The information and infrastructure systems sector was barely affected by the crisis because "companies will always need someone to operate their computers, network, and information systems," said Borenstein. Layoffs only reached the sector at the end, and demand for workers was high. Salaries have barely changed, although they rose 4.5-12.5% at the upper end.

The number of financial sector jobs rose 28% in 2010, and the average salary was stable.

Salaries for software engineers with up to two years experience are NIS 10,000-19,000, salaries for software engineers with 3-5 years experience are NIS 15,000-25,000, and are NIS 17,000-32,000 for engineers with more than six years experience.

Salaries for hardare engineers with 3-5 years experience are NIS 16,000-25,000, and are NIS 16,000-30,000 for engineers with more than six years experience.

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