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Employers believe disabled people least hirable, report finds

January 4, 2011. Haaretz: Dana Weiler-Polak

Employers in Israel believe that disabled people are the least employable, after ultra-Orthodox men and Arabs, according to a report published by Kiryat Ono Academic College.

The report, compiled from questioners answered by employers, found that mentally disabled people were viewed in the most negative light by employers, followed by people with learning disabilites and then physical disabilities.

Most employers who answered the survey believed that disabled people would struggle to adapt to the working environment and will therefore lag behind with the job requirements.

The report also found that if someone from a minority sector mentioned above had been employed, their chances of being promoted were significantly lower than other employees. According to the report, employed Haredim are least likely to be promoted.

The poll also found from 247 surveys completed by students from all social sectors, that Israeli-Arabs have the lowest self image in the country, based on questions asking whether they believe that people from their social sector were treated with equality and enjoyed equal employment opportunities.

According to the poll, Arabs believe that their resumes are less impressive if they write in them that they are Arab, and they also believe that they are paid less than others, as only other Arabs wish to work with them.

Haredi men do not share the same sense of exclusion than Arabs, and in fact do not see themselves as underprivileged relatively to other social sectors

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