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Job Opportunity: Director Of Yeshiva Operations - FT, Bilingual

Date   Mar 24
Listing No.   IE256637
Sector   Community, Culture & Religion
Region   Jerusalem
City/Yishuv   Jerusalem
Director Of Yeshiva Operations - FT, Bilingual
Seeking a full time “Operations and logistical director”

General Responsibility

To oversee the operations and logistics of the Yeshiva programs.

To coordinate with the Operations Department to ensure execution of all Yeshiva programs.

Reports to

Director of the Yeshiva in coordination with Director of Operations

General working hours

9 AM - 6:30 PM Sun-Thu. occasionally staying later or come in on Friday morning.

Present at major trips and extra-curricular programming (even if outside the aforementioned hours) and occasionally come to Yeshiva for Shabbos and Yomim Tovim.

Areas of responsibility include:

● Creating teams amongst the students to tackle Yeshiva responsibilities
● Spearhead all logistics for Yeshiva trips and extra-curricular programs both offsite and onsite
● Order (through operations) and double check on all necessities for all programs surrounding the Yeshiva
● Dormitories- coordinating keys, upkeep, cleaning
● Work with operations team on meals and other student needs (including special requests)
● Be the Yeshiva liaison for kitchen and catering needs
● Shabbosim- coordinating “in” and “optional” shabbosim in the Yeshiva, and outside meals for students who need meals on out Shabbosim. Overseeing the creation and execution of Holiday Schedule and Programming
● Responsibility for overseeing Otzar Haseforim (English and Hebrew), including creating and updating a catalogue, selling of hefker books, upgrading the seforim (buying and replacing), binding, and an effective signing out policy for borrowing books.
● Beis Medrash- coordinating all needs of the Beis Medrash including seating in the Beis Medrash for learning, seating for Yamim Noraim, cleanup of seforim, placements of seforim on shelves, hanging of signs.
● Classrooms- coordinating usage of classrooms
● Office Manager- Staff offices and Rosh yeshiva offices- maintaining order, cleanliness, printing machines
● Overseeing Yeshiva office administration (Masa, visas, registration, data base management, health insurance)
● Coordinating meetings between students with Yeshiva upper Rabbeim
● Overseeing system for students receiving mail
● Overseeing cubbie and locker assignments
● Overseeing payments for services for the yeshiva and reimbursements
● 1 on 1 learning coordination
● publicizing extra-curricular events and special speakers

Qualifications and Skills

● Very responsible, trustworthy and straightforward
● English mother tongue speaker with ability to comfortably converse in Hebrew.
● Very good organizational skills
● Solid computer skills, including MS Excel
● Detail oriented
● Excellent people skills
● Full time position located in the Old City of Jerusalem
● Availability: Immediate
● T.Z. or valid working visa
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“I found an amazing job through your site” (Aviva, Jerusalem)
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