Sixty-six percent of women who have moved here over the last 10 years have successfully found employment while 10.2% continue to be in search of a job, according to a just-published study commissioned by the Absorption Ministry.

To improve those statistics, the Absorption Ministry in cooperation with Israel Employment Services (IES), has established an "open line" to help women olim find employment.

Since 1989, the IES said, there have been more than 400,000 women immigrants aged 18-60 seeking employment here, including more than 300,000 who arrived from the former Soviet Union, 20,000 from Ethiopia and approximately 66,000 from other countries, according to the IES.

The IES reported that women who have moved to this country within the last 10 years comprise roughly 6.5% of all people seeking employment in Israel in February. More than half of these women have received the equivalent of a high school, if not college, education. Approximately 9,000 women olim above the age of 40 are currently seeking employment and, according to Esther Dominicini, the director of IES, her organization is focusing much of their attention on this group.

"These women bring with them a tremendous amount of talent, experience and skills, and they will prove themselves to be effective employees," she said.

The experts who answer phone calls at the "open line" specialize not only in helping women immigrants find employment in a variety of different areas, but can also recommend business training centers and other tips for finding work.

The hotline call-staff can offer assistance in six languages - Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish, French and Amharic.

Separately, Israel Employment Services reported on Tuesday that in February of this year, 203,000 Israelis were seeking work, which is 6,000 fewer than the amount from this January, and 20,000 fewer than February 2006.