Employment Service branches to offer new service of sending information directly to mobile phone through SMS

In the coming days Israel's National Employment Service will launch an experimental service in which the employment clerks will update the unemployed via text messages sent to their mobile phones.

The clerks will notify the unemployed of job openings, or if they do not need to arrive at the branch.

This new service aims to spare the unemployed the trouble of appearing at the office in person, especially for branches that are located in areas which pose a security risk to reach.

This initiative was taken as part of a plan to improve the service provided to the unemployed; the plan was led by Esther Dominisini, director general of the Employment Service.

The experimental service will first be tested in the Employment Service branch in Efrat, which is across the Green Line and lists 140 unemployed.

The Service reported that if the experiment, which will take place for a few weeks, is successful, it will expand to other branches as well.