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More gender equality at Israeli workplaces than rest of OECD, study shows

June 15, 2010. Haaretz: Haim Bior

The level of equality between the sexes in Israel is higher than in most countries in the European Union or in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, reports the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry.

A ministry survey shows the gender inequality gap in the Israeli workforce at 31%, compared with 32% for the EU and 33% for OECD nations.

Three areas were examined in the survey: participation in the workforce, salaries, and opportunities and advancement at work.

The most egalitarian area in Israel is women's participation in the workforce, where the relative participation rate is 85% of that of men. This rate has been growing for three decades and is 2% higher than in the EU and 4% higher than in the OECD.

The salary gap was only slightly smaller in Israel than in the EU and OECD, but still better.

As to women's chances of finding senior positions, Israel came out near the bottom of the rankings. A woman's chances of gaining a senior job is less than half that of a man's - 43%. In the other nations surveyed, the percentage was 47%.

But in technical or professional fields women actually have an 8% better chance of getting a job than men, though in other developed nations the advantage in favor of women is 17%.

In 2009, 66.8% of Israeli women aged 18-46 worked outside the home, compared to only 45.4% in 1980.

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