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61% of Israeli Jewish couples are dual-earners

May 17, 2010

Only 19% of haredi couples have two breadwinners.

61% of Israeli Jewish couples have two breadwinners, 28% have one breadwinner, and 6% have no breadwinner. Men are the breadwinners in 66% of the couples with one breadwinner, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports in its Social Survey for 2009.
71% of secular Jewish couples have two breadwinners, compared with 19% of haredi (ultra-orthodox) couples. 25% of haredi have no breadwinners.

42% of Israel's Jews define themselves as secular, 25% as tradition, 13% as traditional-religious, 12% as religious, and 8% as haredi. 8% of Israeli Arabs define themselves as very religious, 47% as religious, 27% as not very religious, and 18% as not religious.

Among Israeli Jews of working age (25-54), 93% of secular men work, 94% of religious men work, 91% of traditional men work, but only 52% of haredi men work. 78% of haredi live in households with an average per capita income of NIS 2,0000, compared with 48% of religious Jews, 37% of traditional Jews, and 24% of secular Jews.

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