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Most job seekers want more unemployment benefits

May 1, 2010. Ynet: Gil Kol

Most Israeli job seekers want more unemployment benefits for a longer period of time, but few would agree to fund these easements from their own pockets upon their return to work, a study conducted by the Zeta Tools institute for the AllJobs search engine showed.

A nationwide sample of 512 respondents was questioned in the poll.

Some 67% of Israel's job seekers believe the State should extend the period one receives unemployment benefits, and some 74% believe the State should increase the sum of the benefits.

When the job seekers were asked if they would agree to a 1.5% raise in income tax upon their return to work in order to fund the changes in unemployment benefits, only some 42% said they would agree.

Thirty-nine percent of the respondents said they were optimistic in their search for employment, while 14% said they were pessimistic. About a quarter of the respondents said they would search for work even while already employed. About 62% of job seekers believe in online job search engines.

Salary is the most important thing for most job seekers (21.55%), while 20.27% said a challenging and fun atmosphere is most important. Meanwhile, 11.5% cite job security as most important, another 11.5% said they seek advancement opportunities first and foremast, 11% put good work relations at the top of their priority list, 10% said social benefits were most important, 7.45% gave importance to proximity to their home, 5.6% said flexible work hours or the option to work from home is most important and 1.2% said the prestige that comes with working for a particular brand is their priority.

Some 32% of the job seekers are on the market for less than one month, some 32% spend one to three months searching for work, about 17% spend three to six months on the market, 11% spend between six months to one year searching for work and 8% spend over one year on the market.

The number of job seekers aged 36 and up that spend over a year on the market is 2.5 times higher than the number of job seekers under the age of 36 who spend over a year looking for work.

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