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Over one-third of Israelis are over qualified for their jobs

June 5, 2008. Globes: Diana Bahur-Nir

Being over qualified may be a long-term situation for college graduates.

Preliminary findings of a new Central Bureau of Statistics survey shows that many Israelis are over qualified. The survey examined the jobs of persons who obtained a BA from a university or college in 2001-2002. It found that 37% of the graduates held jobs that did not justify their field of study. The proportion among all graduates, including those not working, was 47%.

The survey also found that half of graduates from the social sciences and humanities were over qualified. In contrast 15% of science graduates, such as computers, mathematics, and engineering were over qualified. 35% of business administration graduates were over qualified.

The survey also found almost the same proportion of over-qualified and qualified people changed their jobs. This contradicts the assumption that educated persons will seek to improve their situation by changing jobs to one more suitable to their education. This means that over qualification is a permanent condition, and that people with BAs are stuck for years.

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