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Internet job vacancies on rise

November 28, 2006. Globes: Shira Horesh

Job vacancies are up 35%, after stagnating for three years.

There has been a 35% increase in the number and variety of jobs offered by Internet companies in 2006, compared with 2005, after almost total stagnation for three years, according to data collated by JobInfo.

“We’re seeing candidates showing great openness, desire, and motivation to join Internet companies at different stages, even seed stages,” said JobInfo CEO Daliah Krief. “Whereas in the past, candidates preferred staying away from the sector and preferred hardware and software companies that signalled stability and security, in the past year they’ve been seeking excitement and challenges, and Internet companies are perceived as exciting, dynamic, young companies that are developing products that everyone is talking about.

“We’ve spotted another trend. Candidates in other sectors, such as communications and cellular, are interested in joining Internet companies because they think that important things are happening there.”

The strengthening of the Internet sector is also seen in executive positions. JobInfo’s executive division, which specializes in executive recruitment, reports a 10% increase in the number of managerial positions available at Internet companies. The executive positions in greatest demand are development manager and product manager, at both the junior management and the director/VP product management levels.

JobInfo Executive Department director Neta Tsameret says there is a shortage of managers at Internet companies, since many managers left the sector during the 2001 crisis. “There are few technology managers with Internet know-how and managerial experience. Nevertheless, even though executive salaries in these companies are less attractive than in other companies in the IT industry, we’re seeing more and more managers seeking managerial positions in Internet companies,” she says.

Tsameret adds that whereas a development manager at a hardware company can earn up to NIS 45,000 a month, the equivalent salary at a software company is NIS 40,000 a month, and NIS 35,000 at an Internet company.

“Despite the salary gap, the feeling of pending success apparently overcomes this, and they prefer joining a set-up team of a company with the potential of being sold or raising capital in the short term,” Tsameret concludes.

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