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Sharp drop in unemployment claims
January 19, 2011. Globes: Yael Gruntman
The National Insurance Institute today reported a sharp 14.5% drop in the number of unemployment claims to...
Wages for workers sent abroad jump
January 19, 2011. Globes: Tzahi Hoffman
Salaries of Israeli high-tech employees who relocate abroad were 10-12% higher in 2010 than in 2009, according...
Salaries, demand rise for high-tech workers
January 19, 2011. Globes: Yossi Nissan
Dialog Human Resources Consultants Ltd. says that salaries in high tech rose moderately in 2010, as did...
Israel's high tech engineers are worth their cost
January 18, 2011. Globes: Batya Feldman
One of the great fears of Israel's high-tech industry in recent years is the hundreds of thousands...
Intel Israel to recruit 1,000 new employees
January 18, 2011. Globes: Tzahi Hoffman
Intel Israel Ltd. is to recruit 1,000 new employees in 2011 to develop and produce 22 nanometer...
Demand for high tech workers rises 22%
January 16, 2011. Globes: Tzahi Hoffman
2010 was a relatively good year for high tech employees, high tech job placement site Jobinfo reported....
Fewer available jobs in December
January 16, 2011. Globes: Tal Moise
The number of available business sector jobs fell 2.1% to 56,900 in December 2010 from 58,100 in...
Amdocs, Comverse retirees recruited as teachers
January 16, 2011. Globes
Quite a few teachers would not hesitate for a moment to exchange their job conditions for a...
Workplace discrimination reports increased in 2010
January 12, 2011. Jerusalem Post: Ruth Eglash
Reports of discrimination in the workplace based on the age, race, gender or nationality of a person,...
21% more CPAs were licensed in 2010 than in 2009.
January 9, 2011. Globes
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (ICPAS) today announced that a record number of CPAs...
Employers believe disabled people least hirable, report finds
January 4, 2011. Haaretz: Dana Weiler-Polak
Employers in Israel believe that disabled people are the least employable, after ultra-Orthodox men and Arabs, according...
Employers, Histadrut agree on minimum wage hike
January 2, 2011. Globes: Shay Niv
Employers organizations and the Histadrut (General Federation of Labor in Israel) today announced an agreement to raise...
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