Job Opportunity: Head of Customer Value

Date   Jan 25
Listing No.   IE271586
Sector   Customer Sales, Service, Support & Success
Region   Center
City/Yishuv   Givatayim
Head of Customer Value
The Head of Customer Value serves as the focal point for customer activities, overseeing all customer-related operations from the various departments. The goal is to chart the customer journey for the Company customers, align customer-facing teams towards these goals, and set clarity, transparency, and a clear customer path for the customers as they interact with the various Company teams.

The Head of Customer Value will review input from the field and follow on KPIs to drive improvements to our processes and driving customer satisfaction higher.

The Head of Customer Value will also drive case studies, manage customer references, and own our NPS processes.


Promote customer advocacy through references, case studies, speaking engagements, and participate in media opportunities
Drive Customer retention and satisfaction
Ensure short time to value for new customers’ and drive higher adoption rate with customers
Turn customers into Company ambassadors
Increase perceived value which will drive upsell and customer retention
Encourage share of knowledge and best practices
Build an active and vibrant WS customer community
Increase NPS score over time
Arrange events, webinars, case studies, and various opportunities to allow customers to learn from each other’s experiences and deepen their WS usage.
Arrange the CAB event


A strong background in marketing or customer management positions – Preferably both.
Ability to devise and execute on large scale projects, including working with vendors and managing setting milestones.
Resourceful, curious, and creative nature with the power to execute on a cohesive and detailed plan.
Team Player and able to cooperate with other departments and different teams who will execute based on the customer journey plan.
Ability to plan, design, and convey intricate ideas.
Good analytical skills – able to process data and derive action plans.
Desire for excellence.
Good understanding of the Company solution and customers’ needs.
At ease with reaching out to customers and driving shared activities.
Experience in managing events.
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