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It seems that everywhere we turn, the experts tell us the financial situation is getting worse: the international economy is in shambles, and the job market is deteriorating, with large layoffs and even larger uncertainty of what the future holds. On the other hand, people in Israel still need to find work when they are between jobs, and those that are in the aliyah process naturally wonder what employment opportunities will be available for them. How is it possible to be encouraged in these troubling times?

At Israemploy, I am regularly in touch with job seekers before and after aliyah, as well as Israeli companies searching for employees. Individuals are still finding work, and companies continue to hire. This is true for entry-level and experienced candidates in professional and blue-collar positions in hi-tech and low-tech industries, and throughout all regions of Israel.

It is a fact that the employment situation is more difficult now than in the recent past, when Israeli unemployment was at record lows and the economy was increasing rapidly. Nonetheless, opportunities remain, although creativity and flexibility are even more critical to managing your successful job search.

Today there are more high quality tools/organizations available than ever to aid a person in conducting a job search. The Internet makes it quite simple to gather valuable information, even before aliyah. Jobs lists abound, as do Israeli employer databases and a wide variety of articles on job searches, including such subjects as Israeli resume/CV, salaries, work culture and networking. Many immigrant and professional organizations exist to assist people in the employment search.

There is one technique that stands above all others for a person looking for work, and that is job networking. Networking is the art of connecting with other people for the purpose of (subtlety) advancing your job search.

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