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Ad: "Looking for work, willing to do almost anything legal for money.” And ‎you list your skills - babysitting, typing, driving, gardening, management ‎consulting, etc. That is not the best way to look for a job, even if you are ‎only looking for a part time position to pick up some cash. Let's say that ‎you have three main skills that you enjoy doing and that you think people ‎would be willing to pay for. And they are not related. You are an amazing ‎gardener, a terrific cook, and you are an experienced bookkeeper. If you ‎post that you are a gardener-cook-bookkeeper, you sound like a jack-of-‎all-trades and a master of none. Make a separate plan for each skill. ‎

You are a gardener? Advertise as a gardener. Print flyers. Speak to local ‎plant nurseries. Talk about your extensive experience, offer references, ‎offer pictures of work you have done. Speak with realtors who deal with ‎up-scale properties— offer statistics on how a little landscape gardening ‎can significantly raise the selling price. Tell people how much you love ‎what you do. Advertise online as a gardener. Think of complementary work ‎that you can do. Can you build small garden gazebos? Can you sell ‎gardening products? Can you offer 'landscape consulting' for do-it-‎yourselfers who want a professional opinion? You need to have ‎enthusiasm. If you don't feel that excited about gardening, cross it off your ‎list. And go through the same exercise for cooking, and for bookkeeping. If ‎you decide to pursue all three, tackle them as separate ventures. You get ‎more results.‎

Career Tips >  
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