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So you’re a university professor (lawyer, accountant, Indian chief, etc). But ‎what are your skills? Are you good at analyzing information? Are you good ‎at teaching? Are you good at researching? Are you good at writing? You ‎want to list your skills for this exercise, and not your job titles, because ‎your skills can be used in many different professions.‎

If you can’t think of anything you’re good at, or if your list seems pitifully ‎short, think of the projects you’ve done over the years (at work and at ‎home) that you enjoyed, and what skills they required. Did you form a ‎band? Lead a programming team? Schedule family trips? Train new ‎workers? When do your friends ask for your help – When they are fixing a ‎cabinet? When they need someone to edit their resume? They probably ‎don’t ask for your help (at least not more than once) if you are a lousy ‎editor. When you list your skills, be specific. Are you good at selling? If so, ‎selling what kind of product? On the phone, door to door, in the mall? How ‎about teaching?‎

Do you like teaching kids or adults? What subjects? Do you like analyzing? ‎If so, what types of problems? Your final list should include skills that a) ‎you are good at (or improving) and b) you love using. Once you have your ‎list of skills and your list of interests ‎and you’re exhausted…take a break. ‎

Career Tips >  
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