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LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and can be a valuable resource in your employment networking. With over 8000 members israemploy operates the Jobs in Israel Network one of the largest LinkedIn networking groups in Israel.

Since such a large number of Israelis (100k +) are registered on LinkedIn, finding new contacts can in many cases be accomplished with a few simple searches.  When you want to find people in Israel that work in the same industry as you, using LinkedIn to search by profession/keyword is useful.  If you are interested in a specific company, you can look for all people that work at the company.
In order to begin using LinkedIn, you must first register.  There is no cost to do this, or to use any of the basic features of the tool.  Pay close attention to what you include in your profile, as this is your face to the rest of the LinkedIn world; as people find you in their search results, they will read what you have included in your profile.

Next, and critically important, you then add people to your network.  This is in fact the real value of LinkedIn, as when you do searches, you can identify not only those people in your own network, but those that are connected to people in your network.  So, the more people that you have in your network, the more results you will receive when you do people searches.

The other way to increase your network is by becoming a member of LinkedIn groups that are relevant to you.  In this way, you will be able to contact all those that are in your group(s).  

Please note that you must be registered on LinkedIn before you can become a member of a LinkedIn group.
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