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If you don’t know what your dream job is— start with self-assessment. ‎Two important questions:

1) what are you interested in?
2) What are you ‎good at?‎

What do you do for fun? What makes you lose track of time? ‎What do you like to read about? Which newspaper sections do you devour, ‎and which do you toss? Look at the jobs you’ve had in the past, what did ‎you like doing the most, and why?
Make a list of the things that fascinate ‎you, even if they seem unlikely to have a career connection. If you love ‎horse racing or jazz music or fashion or black and white photography, write ‎it down. That doesn’t mean you necessarily want to become a jockey or a ‎musician or a fashion designer or a photographer. But those are fields you ‎find interesting.

Maybe you’ll decide you want to become an accountant ‎who works for a music company. Maybe you want to be a DJ. Maybe you ‎love music in your personal life, but don’t want it connected to your work

Sometimes a hobby loses its charm when you live with it eight hours a ‎day. Keep the list handy.

Career Tips >  
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