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Flexibility ‎


Being flexible doesn’t mean you should abandon doing what you love. If ‎you were a full-time dog trainer in your native land, and you want to ‎continue doing that in , go for it. But it may take time to build up a full ‎time dog training career. Don’t expect to get off the boat (or 747) and be ‎greeted by a dozen dog owners all begging for your services. No matter ‎how good you are.‎

If you’re flexible, you’ll think of other ways to supplement your ‎income.(Work as an assistant in an animal clinic? Provide pet-sitting ‎services? Work in a pet store? Offer dog walking? Take an unrelated job, ‎so you can afford to eat while you build up your training practice?)‎

If you aren’t flexible, you’ll say, “I’m a dog trainer! If I can’t make a living ‎from this soon, I’m going to give up. I’ll have to take a job I don’t like, and ‎I’ll be stuck. Or I’ll go back to the old country where I can make money.‎

Of course, this applies to other professions as well, not just to dog trainers. ‎And if you are an accountant or lawyer or doctor, etc. and need to re-‎certify in , it may take even longer for you to work full time in your field. ‎But it can be done. Stay flexible.‎

Career Tips >  
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