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Throw reality out the window for a few hours, and dream. If you could do ‎any job in the world, what would it be? Why aren’t you doing that job? ‎Could you do it part-time? Does it require a degree or qualification that you ‎don’t have? If so, is there anyone who has gotten around that ‎requirement? Think a little crazy. There are professional doll doctors.

Don’t ‎just think outside the box. Forget the box exists. Write it all down. And ‎when you’re dreaming, dream of day-to-day details. If you think to ‎yourself ‘I’d like to be a writer,’ and what comes to mind is your name on ‎the cover of a book and maybe an interview on a talk show, you need to ‎rewind. What do writers do? They sit and they write. For hours. Days. ‎Years. They rewrite. They face rejection.

Even if you do write the great ‎Anglo-Israeli novel and it is published, and your picture is on the back, and ‎you are on the talk show—it’s the result of sitting and writing. And when ‎the talk show is over, you need to go back to your computer and start ‎again. Do you really want to write or do you just like the idea of being a ‎writer? Whatever you’re dreaming of, try to find out what people in that ‎profession actually DO all day.‎

Career Tips >  
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