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Don't start a job search without knowing what you are looking for. The ‎more detailed your goal, the better. You may be thinking this is a ‎contradiction-- the more detailed the goal, the less flexible, right? But you ‎don’t want to be too flexible. If you are looking to work for the money, be ‎flexible. If you are looking to work for the love, be flexible in your ‎exploration, but then have a strong vision of your ideal job. Get specific. ‎You want to work as a technical writer, writing end-user documentation, ‎and you want to work near Haifa . Or you want to open an arts and crafts ‎center for elementary school children. Or you want to teach Japanese to ‎business people. 

Which schools offer Japanese? Is there a school that would hire you? Can ‎you open your own school? Can you make a living teaching Japanese? Can ‎you teach students online? Would you consider translation instead of ‎teaching? Which companies in have offices in , or do business with ? All of ‎these questions, and their answers, can provide directions for your job ‎search. (Provided, of course that you want to teach Japanese. If, by ‎chance, you have other career aspirations, you will need to come up with ‎your own set of relevant questions. ) And once you have clear directions, ‎finding work becomes much easier. ‎

In this day and age, as job competition has increased, interviewing ‎techniques have also gotten tougher. Larger corporations often adopt ‎multi-layered interview techniques from initial screening until the job offer ‎stage. ‎

Career Tips >  
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