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Working for the Money ‎


You have no money in the bank. You owe money. You need a job. You hate ‎sales. You take a job as a telemarketer. That's fine. But if you hate sales, ‎you had better spend all your spare time trying to find a job you love to ‎do. Don't sit back, now that you have a paycheck, and wait for lightning to ‎strike, and complain when it doesn't. If there's a course you can do to get ‎a job you love, try to do it after work. Try to volunteer part time in a field ‎that you’re interested in. If you need to improve your Hebrew, keep ‎studying. Look at job listings. Maybe start your own business on the side. ‎Talk to people, all the time.‎

Network, network, network. Schedule at least 5 hours a week for job-‎hunting related activities. Start a ‘job-hunting’ file and write down ‎everything you do—every call you make, every resume you send, and ‎every lead you find. And do all this while being a great telemarketer. Or at ‎least the best telemarketer you can be. Maybe you'll discover you love ‎sales, after all. (Or maybe not.)‎

Career Tips >  
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